Bonnie, Dolphin Ambassador,

Connect You to Dolphins, Whales, And Animal Kingdom

Spiritual Channel For Council of Love
Group Events

Bonnie has channeled over 15 years with Council of Love while working with individuals and groups. She works with groups of people and their animal ambassador friends. We are all connected to All that is. Listen to her channeled podcast, Dolphin and Whale Messages to check out her work.

The group events are powerful energy that can assist your spiritual growth and transformation with your pod (angels, guides, animal guides), that is always with you. While Bonnie channels with her soul signature of Council of Love Pod, Archangel Gaia, Archangels, Mother Mary, Dolphin Star Nation, White Whale Council, Animal Kingdom, and more, you may feel Divine Light blasts of energy from Council of Love Pod in group event.  Most importantly, we deliver wisdom that supports your souls mission and purpose on Earth.  

With her dolphin energy, she will inspire you to go beyond your limitations and create from a space that is fun and joyous. She will have you look at your life like a comedy in a movie to loosen the structure around you, so you can free yourself from limited beliefs, patterns and constructs that are holding you back from your true potential and your new identity.

With that, you will be able to create from higher dimensional spaces with your life, career, and with others. Most importantly, connect to your inner power, animal kingdom, and nature.  More info on Bonnie
"It's time to play and create what you love" Bonnie, Dolphin Ambassador, and
Dolphin Dancing Spirit, (From Lakota Indians Council of Light Tribe),